Authentic Italian Cuisine

The Piprel Tradition

Chef Jean Louis Piprel from Le Grand Venise and his Italian culinary specialties

The art of getting the “job done right” and the PIPREL standards are everywhere at Le Grand Venise, in the kitchen as well as in the front-of-the-house — our aim is to bring out the best of the produce from the heartland.

To Chef Jean Louis PIPREL, engaging your senses is all about FRESHNESS, a freshness that you can taste and see :

« Our food is both generous and straightforward. All of our produce is fresh,
and we make our dishes to order »

All of our produce is fresh and carefully selected by Marina. Our vegetables come from the best market gardeners and the fish directly from small scale fishermen; Italian produce including polenta flours, fragrant Italian fennel, 24-month-aged Parmiggiano Reggiano, Parma ham on the bone, or Alba truffle, etc. is locally sourced from the best farmers …
 Traditionnal italian dishes, from Chef Jean Louis Piprel

At Le Grand Venise, you will have a taste of modern cuisine in keeping with Italian tradition.


A feast of appetisers

A Feast of Appetisers

Dining at Le Grand Venise is all about taste recaptured and such impudent freshness that it oozes out as of the first bite you take at appetisers.

Jean louis PIPREL would say to you « we are Rabelaisians ! », which means our cuisine is generous and authentic.

Just like her mum used to do, Marina PIPREL enjoys offering her guests a moment of timeless bliss by indulging their taste buds and helping them recapture flavours of yesteryear, the taste of authenticity.


Hearty traditional antipasti with fresh produce

Antipasti Medley

Generosity and enjoyment of good food and drink are on the menu!

Le Grand Venise Chinchinettes are not to be talked about, they are to be savoured. 

Enjoy our antipasti in the Italian tradition with fresh bell peppers marinated in olive oil, our bouquets de Soissons, Le Puy lentil salad, Italian tuna belly…, not to forget our cured meats coming from Italy, and our mozzarella and burrata...




At Le Grand Venise, pasta are freshly prepared daily

Homemade Pasta with a Twist

Dining at Le Grand Venise is having a rare encounter with our “ in casa ” pasta prepared with the best ingredients.

« Our pasta and gnocchi are made every morning »

Nothing is left to chance in the kitchen, from the preparation of the dough to its slow kneading and its cutting and shaping according to the whim of the day ravioli, agnolotti, canelloni, lasagne, spaghetti, linguine, tagliatelle, pappardelle, rigatoni...

The result requires no further discussion : fresh pasta, simply along with slow-cooked tomato sauce, or stuffed with ricotta, or along with alba truffle or boletus mushroom …

Or risotto in the purest Milanese tradition !

At Le Grand Venise we have first quality fish and meat

Italian Cuisine from the Heartland

Our meat and fish dishes are not to be overlooked either.

Enjoy our veal piccatas, our veal liver alla Veneziana, our delicious veal head with Cremona mustard, just the way the Romans eat it, our fried scampi, our sea bream and red mullet fish …

All of this is served with fresh seasonal vegetables, including Italian fennel or polenta made out of a subtle mix of flours of different milling grades coming from Italy.



Homemade Italian dessert specialties


Our Decadent Desserts

At Le Grand Venise, our « dolci » are not an end in themselves but an excitement to your taste buds.

« PIPREL style desserts are not meant to be unveiled but to be discovered »

Our desserts are prepared daily by the book, in keeping with Italian tradition.

Our profiteroles with hot chocolate sauce, Marsala zabaglione, and other decadent specialties are sometimes unique, but all of them are in keeping with traditions to be discovered on site to your great surprise.






Le Grand Venise, Italian cuisine, since 1920