The Spirit of the place

The Piprel ... from 96 years

Charles and Anna Piprel in 1980

In 1920 the famiglia Lani, Angelo and Marina, became the owner of Le Grand Venise, at that time with the traditional coffee bar.

Anne, one of the two LANI children, began at Le Grand Venise as of the age of 15. In 1961, she and her spouse Charles took it over and stamped the PIPREL mark on it. The iconic mamma Anne PIPREL initiated that outpouring of generosity which has become the brand image of Le Grand Venise.

Anne’s children, Marina and Jean Louis, have been continuing the story for 30 years now, in the front-of-the-house and in the kitchen, in keeping with the PIPREL spirit.

The family comes from Genoa in Emilia-Romagna, Italy’s gastronomic heartland.

For the PIPRELS cooking is a family business 

 At the time « At the time our staff was part of the family », Marina says

Charles and Anne Piprel in the 80's at Le Grand Venise

Times have changed but the spirit of Le Grand Venise reigns on.

In the PIPREL tradition, there are ground rules to comply with : our cuisine is exclusively prepared with fresh produce that comes directly from Italy, including polenta flour, Alba truffle, 24-month-aged Parmigiano Reggiano, 24 month-aged Parma ham on the bone, etc, …


Time Regained, Italian Style

Traditional mozzarella with garden vegetables

Stepping into Le Grand Venise is about having a good time and savouring while taking the time...

Abandon yourself while discovering forgotten flavours. Marina will advise you on your choice with the utmost elegance. 

Whether they are friends wishing to share a convivial moment, or solitary epicureans savouring the specialties prepared by Jean Louis PIPREL and indulging the unique atmosphere of Le Grand Venise, they’re all here to enjoy a UNIQUE moment.

Let yourself be carried away by the round of festive appetisers and the antipasti medley.

Yield to the pleasure of discovering those subtle flavours, then move on to the " in casa ” pasta prepared in the finest Italian tradition, or to a fish or meat dish enhanced by the sauces Jean Louis PIPREL inherited from his grandmother, and served with seasonal vegetables oozing freshness.

Nothing is too much at Le Grand Venise : all is a subtle invitation to taste, a pleasure for the eye and the palate


Baroque Refinement for Epicureans

Taste our Italian specialties in a refined decor

This is the whole shebang and a feast for your eyes and taste buds !

Your enjoyment is the PIPREL family’s ambition : they place all of their know-how at the service of that ambition.

Le Grand Venise has a typical Venetian hushed but warm and colourful atmosphere. Marina is committed to indulging you with gorgeous fresh bunches of flowers matching seasonal colours.

You will be seated at a white-clothed sleek table with silverware. Long silver trays adorned with fresh roses will whet your appetite.

Our waiter Gilles will invite you with the utmost elegance to let yourself be carried away by a glass of champagne, in the Venetian tradition, or by one of our great vintage Italian or French wines, and will talk to you about their harmony and balance.

Some might say that at Le Grand Venise “ there’s an endless flow of surprises that come one after the other ” …



Le Grand Venise, Italian cuisine, since 1920 in Paris